. Captain Dave is a superb guide for our local  waters . He has vast knowledge of how to get  you on fish . I have went on 2 trips with him  this year , the Brewster pool and crab creek  for sockeye and nooks . Very personable guide  and willingness to share his knowledge has  taught me several new techniques .... From  beginners to weekend pros Dave is a true  professional , always has a positive attitude! If  ya miss a fish or two he's ready to get back  on some more fish . Best part about Captain  Dave's guide service is he wants to see his  clients succeed.

-Gerald Moore

 I gotta tell ya.. We are from MN so our  expectations were on the high side, for this  WA raised fishing guide. We are really hard to  please. After we caught our first round of kings  he got a partial head nod. After our second  round of fighters we thought it would be nice to  wave to the other boats and share the fun. We  quickly understood we were the only ones  having fun. Everyone around seemed to give  up at around 11. Dave said he had a few tricks  up his sleeve to hit our limit for the day.  Needless to say..he delivered. Daves  personality and ability to run his boat and hit  the big fish over and over were unmatched. If  you can get over the cowboy hat....This is a  guy that just lays it down. You will walk away  with a new friend and a huge grin over the  massive amounts of fish you get to bring  home. 64 dressed pounds in fillets to be exact!  As Dave's has answered the age old  question... Its not the size of your boat that  matters Dave. We will be seeing you  soon!

-Ryan Nelson

 Capt. Dave is awesome and knows his stuff.  Great with kids. My 10yo kept things busy on  the boat and Dave took it all in stride. We had  a great day of fishing and caught our limit on a  beautiful lake just south of Spokane. The boys  have decided to make it an annual road trip for  the Feb long weekend. Thanks Dave, see you  for Walleye in a few weeks.

-Thomas Martin

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 We spent the day yesterday with Captain  Dave, fishing on the Columbia. Enjoyed a  fabulous day and caught a ton of sockeye to  take home. Captain Dave is knowledgeable,  helpful, and worked his heart out for us to  enjoy a very successful day of fishing. Thank  you, Captain Dave, for a wonderful day! We  will happily fish with you again!!

-Glenn Warren

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 ​​​​Captain Dave's Guide Service​

 Captain Dave is professional and efficient!  Such a fun and exciting day on the river! And  the best part is all the yummy salmon we got  to bring home!

- CJ Curtis